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Testing a rented phone number using the Twilio Virtual Telephony

Testing a rented phone number using the Twilio Virtual Telephony


To test a rented phone number, an affiliate can use a trial version of the Twilio service.

First, you need to register and verify by email and phone. To get a $10 bonus to your account, you need to click on our referral link:

After verification you would need to answer a couple of questions for the final registration. It is enough to set the options as in the screenshot below.

Rent a number

After registration you need to go to the number rental page:

Choose a country
Click the "Search" button”

After that you would see a list of numbers for rent. You need to choose any suitable one and click the “Buy”button.

After that the confirmation page opens, you need to click on the " Buy " button at the bottom.

Adding a SIP Domain

After renting a number you need to add it to the SIP domain. To do this, click on the link:

Next, you need to fill in the required fields to create a SIP domain.

Friendly name - The name for this SIP domain setting
SIP URI - a unique subdomain that will be used for the connection in future.
IP Access control list - create a list of allowed IP addresses (details below)
Credential list - creating a list of allowed SIP domain users (details below)

IP Access control list

Friendly name - the name of the list
CIDR Network address - the address range. You can specify your external IP address in the format. You can find out your external IP here:
Friendly name - Name for the address range

Credential list
Friendly name - The name of the list
Username - you can specify the number that you bought in the E. 164 format (for example: +15005551212)
Password - a password of at least 12 letters, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and a number.

After you fill in all the required fields, you would need to enable SIP registration and specify the list of users that was created earlier.

Connecting a virtual SIP client
The connection of the virtual SIP client will be based on the example of the Microsip program. You can download the program on this link:

After installation run the program and open the drop-down menu and click "Add account".

A window with the settings will be opened, you need to fill in the following fields:

Account name - the name
SIP Server - the address of your SIP domain, it must be in this format - (for example, if you specified the SIP URI: mc-webmaster-1234, the domain will be
SIP Proxy - the same as for the SIP Server
User name - the username specified in the Username in the Credential list section
Domain - the same as for the SIP Server
Login - the username specified in the Username in the Credential list section
Password - the password specified in Password in the Credential list section
The rest of the settings can be left as in the screenshot. Click "Save".

After setting up the account, in case of a successful connection, the green icon (Online) in the lower left corner of the program should light up.

Now you can make calls to rented numbers.

Alternative programs for connecting a SIP client:


Updated on: 24/02/2021

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