Notification of incoming calls/lead to Telegram via PostBack

In the Telegram search, we find and add a bot assistant @Botfather.

After that, write /start in the dialog box, in response you will receive a list of commands. Since we are faced with the task of creating a bot that will inform us about calls in the system, we select the /new bot command.

Next, you will be asked to give your bot a name. Let's call it Mark (you need to create your own name).

Then Botfather will ask you to specify the username of our bot, which ends with "_bot", in our case it will be "Dobbryunia_bot" (you need to create your own name).

Done! Our bot has been created. In response, you will receive a token that will be useful in the future.

Add our bot, click Start and write any message.

Then find out our ID. In the Telegram search, we find and add a bot assistant @getmyid_bot.

Then press Start and find your ID.

If you did everything correctly, then you can test like this:

Click on the link<bot_token>/sendMessage?chat_id=<our_id>&text=<text>, replacing:

<bot token> to our bot token,

<our_id> - to the our saved ID,

<text> - to any text.

If you received a message from the bot, then you did everything right.

Setting up PostBack in Market Call

In the Automation => Postbacks section, click "Add a Postback".

Set the type - call.

HTTP Method: Get

Choose status
Choose campaign

In the "Link" field, insert a link of this type:<bot_token>/sendMessage?chat_id=<our_id>

Select the parameters you need. The parameters can be listed in the required order separated by commas. Example: text= Call ID {call_id}, date {date}, etc.

After you have entered all the parameters, check the correctness of sending the postback.

If the answer is 200, then the test was successful, the bot gave you all the information:

If you have any difficulties or you have found an error, please contact your personal manager.
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