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Postback setting for Facebook API Conversion

With the help of Facebook API Conversion affiliates can send web events from the system directly to Facebook. Events are associated with the Facebook pixel and are processed as browser pixel events. Learn more about the Facebook API Conversion.

To send web events from the Marketcall system an affiliate needs to create a postback.To do this go to the “Postbacks” page in the “Automation” section and click “Add postback”.

Postback Settings

On the postback creation page, you need to click on the "Facebook" button. This will prepare the basic postback settings for working with the Facebook API Conversion.

The affiliate would also need to select the lead status and the campaign within which the postback will be triggered. And also he would need to put the correct data in the link:
%PIXEL_ID% - The identificator of the Facebook pixel, for more information, see the documentation.
%TOKEN% - Facebook Access Token, for more information, see the documentation.

The affiliate can also use macroses to pass the data in the link.

For example, to avoid having to postback for every Facebook pixel, the affiliate can transmit the Facebook pixel ID in the affiliate traffic link of his campaign, in the subid parameter. In the postback one should specify the {subid} macro in the link instead of %PIXEL_ID%:{subid}/events?access_token=%TOKEN%


Web-events are sent by request in JSON format, for this the corresponding tab should be selected. More details about the parameters transmitted in the request can be found in Facebook documentation.

On the right side of "Parameters" block there is a list of available macros to send in JSON request. For example,one can transfer user data such as site, IP, User-Data, conversion date and Facebook click identifier (fbclid) in the query:

"data": [
"event_name": "Lead",
"event_time": "{lead_timestamp}",
"event_source_url": "",
"action_source": "website"
"user_data": {
"client_ip_address": "{client_ip}",
"client_user_agent": "{user_agent}",
"fbc": "fb.1.{lead_timestamp}.{fbclid}"
"custom_data": {
"value": 100.2,
"currency": "USD"
"opt_out": false

After the settings, the affiliate needs to save the postback by clicking the "Create" button at the bottom of the page.

Updated on: 23/03/2022

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