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How to use dynamic call tracking tool

Go to this link:

Press ‘’Add a site’’ button;

Fill in the following information like on a picture below:

- Your landing page URL;

- Tracking session Duration (you can choose any of them, we usually choose ‘’30 minutes’’);

- Number Substitution ‘’DOM Selector’’ and ‘’ a[href^="tel:"] ‘’ ( you can choose another, depends on your landing page code);

- Phone Number Format Custom ‘’(XXX) XXX-XXXX’’ (you can choose other, it depends on your lPhone number format).

Press “Add”;

Then press ‘’Get the code”;

Choose an approved campaign (for which you want create a call tracking and with the landing page which was already approved);

Get your codes below;

Put both codes to your landing page code. You should put it before the </ head> part ending;

Now it’s active.

How to check your calls in this dynamic call tracking tool.

Go to this link:

Press on a ‘’Call Tracking Info” button, like on the screenshot below;

Then you will see the full information.

Updated on: 29/08/2022

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