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Domain Parking

You got a domain, so what is next? Sign into your account in domain registration system and find DNS management menu.

Use IP-address in A-recordings for USA offers, "www" for , "@" for

After updating DNS data and your domain page you will get 404 Error on it.

At "My Campaigns" menu - "Your_campaign" - "Promotools" - "Landing pages" section press "Set Domain" button.

Enter your domain name without "/" symbol and http:// (or https://) protocols. For example,

If error did not occure, then update your landing page to verify that it operates properly.

You can set up the call-tracking (the number replacement in the same domain). For this feature you need to add the same domain for another campaign.
After it you will get a new link for the operation.

SSL certificate set up would be automatic.

Updated on: 17/05/2022

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