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How to activate an offer?

The first step is to find an offer you will be working with. Make sure you have read all the Rules and your traffic source is allowed in the field
Allowed Traffic which you will find under the offer's thumbnail.

Press the blue button CREATE A CAMPAIGN in the chosen offer. Rent a number in our phone numbers depository (free of charge, of course) to track your calls in our system. If there are any errors displayed while renting a number, make sure to turn off Ad Blocker or switch to any browser other than Google Chrome. You can choose specific area code or choose a random one. If you need a toll-free number for your campaign, please refer to your personal manager.

Fill out your application (field NOTE). In order to prevent an application refusal, please give a concise description of your future campaign, how and where from you gonna render your traffic, add required CREATIVES.

Set a campaign's title. It's not required but it is a good way to distinguish several campaigns with different traffic sources. Choose traffic sources that you are going to use in your promotion.

If you use a call center, please provide the following details:
call script
city, country where CC is located and the number of agents which will be assigned to the offer
number of agents to be assigned to the offer
data sample (there is a Jornaya LeadID/Trusted Form ID required for data from offshore CC)
URL of the website where your leads come from (if applies)

Checklist of creatives for INBOUNDS:
concise description of your future campaign namely which ad platforms and tools will be used,
URL of your e-shop, Youtube channel, website, landing page, blog, marketplace in SMM, etc. featuring a phone number rented in our phone depository
ad banner featuring a phone number rented in our phone depository (if applies to your campaign)
data sample (for 2-step moderation offers)

All graphic files, as well as Excel tables with data must be converted into links with help of this or any alternative service To generate a link just upload or enter a link with your original file and copy created link.

The last step is to agree with offer rules and general Marketcall rules and press the button Send on Moderation

After your campaign is created, it will be in Moderation state. Our moderators will review your campaign in 24 hours and then approve or refuse it with clarifying comment. You will receive a confirmation email. Please read it attentively cause it contains comments to your campaign.

Updated on: 24/01/2022

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