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Call statuses

Every incoming call is assigned a certain status in the Calls Statistics section.

Approved - This call is approved and you can withdraw money for it.
HOLD -Time period during which the Advertiser must listen to a call and approve or refuse it. If the hold time is over, the call is automatically approved.
Cancelled by Merchant - The advertiser has canceled the call (reasons are always provided).
Cancellation appealed - The Affiliate has appealed the canceled call.
Chargeable - A call has been made but the Merchant has run out of money on their account.
Parsed - A call was made during non-working hours of the Offer.
Non-unique - A repeated call from the same user through the same affiliate number.
No target - There was no advertiser in the bundle offer available to pick the calls.
Refused - A call has been classified as non-targeted.
No connect - The Call was never connected to the advertiser.
Non first - A repeated call from the same customer through different affiliate number.
Screener fail - This means the consumer didn't pass through the IVR
Screener in progress - This means the IVR hasn't been interacted with yet, but also hasn't failed.
local blacklist - This is our catch all for spam control. If a consumer calls our DIDs too fast within a short amount of time, its identified as spam and added to our local blacklist

Updated on: 12/10/2023

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