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Integration with Ringba for payouts

Marketcall now supports a simple integration with call tracking platform Ringba to pass payouts of calls in Marketcall.

First step is to change routing to Marketcall from DID (regular phone number) to SIP (calls over internet).
For that just go to the Target page in Ringba and change it's routing type from DID to SIP and insert following setting:

instead of 18331234567 put your Marketcall rented phone number for the campaign

Now Ringba will pass to Marketcall it's internal call id via SIP

When adding target to your campaing in Ringba make sure you set up revenue based on webhook/postback

Next step is to set up a postback from Marketcall to Ringba

Go to Ringba webhooks page
Create new Webhook

copy your Ringba link

Then create a new postback in Marketcall
Insert your Ringba webhook link
Change callid=[callUUID]&revenue=[conversionAmount] to callid={external_uuid}&revenue={earn}

Save postback.

Now Ringba will receive postbacks from Marketcall on your call payouts and both platforms will be synchronized!

In case something does not work, it's recommended to ask Ringba support to enable function of passing call id through SIP to the buyer

Updated on: 12/09/2023

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