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Pest Control case study 2023


Briefly about the niche

This is a service for the extermination of various pests (except wildlife animals, bed bugs, rats, racoons, foxes, cats, chipmunks, squirrels, woodchucks, crane fly, drain flies, Grasshoppers, fruit flies -Gnats, Honeybees, aphids, snails, grubs, slugs, chiggers, or chinch bugs, lizards, maggots, mites of any kind scabies, snakes)

This is an urgent service since people don't want to wait and they immediately need to solve the problem and call. Because of it, the best traffic source for pests is paid search (mostly google ads).

This niche has both offers for the Spanish and English speaking Americans.

Approximate payouts and Buffer time

For ENG PEST it’s up to $48.00 for target call (Buffer time: 60 - 120 sec post IVR)

For Spanish PEST it’s around $24.80 for target call (Buffer time: 70 sec post IVR)

Helpful information about Pest Control:

Private guide

Pest control Case study

Negative keyword list (655 words)

4.Positive keywords

Average price per click: $2-10

Pest control - what NOT to write in the ad:
free quotes
free service
family owned
No specific prices

Examples of Google Ads:

Landing examples:

Updated on: 01/09/2023

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