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Debt Settlement case study 2024

What are debt settlement/debt relief services and how do they benefit the consumer?

Debt settlement companies offer financial tools, programs, or services designed to help individuals resolve their outstanding debts with creditors. These services are typically utilized by individuals who are struggling to make payments on their debts, often due to financial hardship or overwhelming debt burdens.

As of Q3 of 2023, credit card debt in the US surpassed $1.08 Trillion. According to CNBC “Credit card balances spiked by $154 billion year over year, notching the largest increase since 1999, the New York Fed found.” It's no hidden fact that managing credit card debt is not common knowledge. The demand for debt settlement services only becomes more prevalent across the board as the total amount of consumer debt compounds. Additionally, Americans are struggling to keep up with credit card payments – because credit card delinquency rates also experienced a sweeping increase, especially among Millennials who are burdened further by student loan debt.

Benefits To Consumers:

ATTORNEY-BACKED Negotiation with Creditors: Debt settlement companies act as intermediaries between debtors and creditors. They negotiate with creditors on behalf of the debtor to reach an agreement for a reduced, lump-sum payment to settle the debt. Creditors may agree to accept less than the total amount owed to close the account.

Debt Reduction: The primary goal of debt settlement is to reduce the total amount of debt that the debtor owes. This reduction can be substantial, potentially lowering the debt by 40% to 60%, although results can vary.

Why Choose to Promote a Debt Settlement Pay Per Call Offer?

Generous Commission Rates: Debt Settlement is increasingly in demand YoY due to the continuous compounding of US consumer debt. Because of this, the rates for qualified inbound calls are quite competitive. A qualified inbound call is worth much more than a qualified lead due to the high intent of the user. With quality traffic sources and adequate filtering - 40-50% of consumers on average will qualify and RPCs will be profitable.

Expansive Industry: The debt settlement industry is vast and continuously expanding, offering abundant opportunities to capitalize on affiliate programs. Not only that, but debt settlement is an Evergreen vertical; it doesn’t have much seasonality and can effectively be run year-round.

Assisting Individuals: Engaging in debt settlement affiliate programs presents an excellent opportunity to assist individuals who are facing challenges with debt. By referring them to reputable debt settlement companies, you can contribute to their journey toward achieving financial independence.

Underserved Spanish-Speaking Market within the US: Through experience, we’ve seen firsthand that Spanish Speaking Debt Settlement services are in the highest demand. This is due to Spanish-speaking US consumers being historically underserved, underrepresented, and undermarketed. We’ve seen higher engagement and conversion rates specifically targeting Spanish-speaking consumers within the USA.

Approximate payouts:

Up to $55 for English Debt Settlement Inbounds
Up to $52 for Spanish Speaking Debt Settlement Inbounds
The payout may vary depending on the amount of debt owed by the qualified consumer.

Approximate Buffer time:

90-130 seconds

Sources of traffic:

We recommend FB or other social sources of traffic for Debt Settlement campaigns.

Running a campaign through Google AdWords may require you to have a special license.

Google Ads: To be certified by Google, debt settlement and debt management services advertisers will need to be registered, licensed, or approved by the relevant regulatory authorities or recognized professional bodies in the country or countries they are targeting

More Info:

Target audience

FB ads: 30-55 years old, men and women, broad search, working hours (for better connection rate, you can start 30 minutes later and/or finish 30 minutes earlier).

It's best to target Individuals or households who are struggling with significant debt and are actively seeking solutions to reduce or eliminate their debt burden. This may include individuals with high credit card balances, medical bills, or other forms of unsecured debt. The campaign may also target individuals who are facing financial hardship or have fallen behind on their payments.

Debt Settlement Creatives | Suggestions and Requirments:

With debt settlement offers, you must filter using a landing page. The main filters for debt settlement offers are generally as follows:

1). AT LEAST 10k-15k in Credit Card Debt specifically. (Medical debt is OK as long as it only amounts to 50% of the total debt for the consumer) Unsecured debts, like unsecured personal loans, could also work. Student loan debt, Auto debt, Mortgage debt - will NOT qualify. You must filter out these types of debt. The amount of debt depends on the buyer and the particular offer. Make sure to pay attention to the specific debt loads that should be targeted based on the offer you are running on Marketcall.

2). You MUST Filter for income source. Consumers who will successfully qualify for debt settlement programs MUST have some sort of income source to make payments into the program. Typically, $300 is the monthly payment a consumer will pay into the program with 15k debt. The higher the debt amount, the higher the monthly payment the consumer will have to make into the program.

3). For Spanish Debt Settlement campaigns specifically, you MUST filter for the ability to file taxes in the US. Unfortunately, the US has not gotten to the point where we can effectively assist undocumented consumers, which is a shame. Nevertheless, to run Spanish Debt Settlement specifically, you must filter out undocumented consumers.

As always, with all creative flows you employ:
The appearance of the ad should look professional and dynamic
There should be no spelling mistakes
There should not be anything misleading
If logos are used, they must be changed upon request
NO "FREE" (free consultation is okay if used sparingly)


You cannot advertiser debt settlement programs as PERSONAL LOANS
DO NOT advertise debt settlement like it is a Government Program, additionally no government affiliation of any kind, including the names of current or past presidents, no “Congress approves!” etc.
DO NOT advertise COVID-19, coronavirus, Emergency Relief and/or CARES Act, or Grants of any kind
DO NOT use Celebrity endorsements
DO NOT use Fake company endorsements
DO NOT use Misleading advertising / using other companies’ names and/or creatives to advertise
DO NOT advertise these services as new law(s) or program(s)
Use of the banking institution brands in the copy/images/videos (Wells Fargo, BoA, etc) is not permitted. Those are trademarked brands. Do not use ads that talk about banks allowing customers to use special debt relief programs to qualify for their debt relief. You can't link bank programs or allowances to our debt relief programs.

ENG Debt Settlement landing page examples

Video/Static creative examples:

Landing Page creative examples:

Spanish Debt Settlement landing page and creative examples

Video/static creative examples:


Updated on: 12/02/2024

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