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ACA (Obamacare) case study 2023

Obamacare ACA (Affordable Care Act)

Briefly about ACA:

The “Affordable Care Act” (ACA) is the name for the comprehensive health care reform law (passed in 2010) and its amendments. ACA health insurance plans provide little to no-cost healthcare benefits to low income Americans across the United States.

The aim of the ACA was to bring about changes in the health insurance industry and make health insurance more affordable for eligible individuals. It incorporates premium tax credits and cost-sharing reductions to assist lower-income individuals and families in reducing their expenses.

Under the ACA, most insurance plans, including those available on the Health Insurance Marketplace, are required to provide a range of preventive services to policyholders at no additional cost. These services include checkups, patient counselling, immunizations, and various health screenings.

All health insurance plans that comply with the ACA are obligated to cover specific "essential health benefits." These benefits encompass emergency services, family planning, maternity care, hospitalisation, prescription medications, mental health services, and paediatric care.

Approximate payouts:

$35 - $48 for the qualified call

Approximate Buffer time:

90 - 120 seconds

Helpful information about ACA:

This niche has both offers for the Spanish and English speaking Americans.

This niche has two seasons:
The main season Open Enrollment Period (OEP). An open enrollment period is a window of time that happens once a year — typically in the fall — when you can sign up for health insurance, adjust your current plan or cancel your plan for free.
The additional season (during this season the client can change the insurance for a fee or only for special reasons, for example, job loss)
In total the niche is going good from September till January while the OEP is from October till December.

Target audience

Google ads: requires G2 certificate, an affiliate can get it and provide it to Google (Youtube also requires G2 certificate but it can be avoided if not to mention ACA / Obamacare in the ad texts).

FB ads: 30-55 years old, men and women, broad search, working hours (for better connection can start on 30 minutes later and finish on 30 minutes earlier).

Additional Information that will help you promote ACA

Qualifying Life Events (Jan. 16 - Oct. 31):
ACA essential benefits:
ACA subsidies under the Inflation Reduction Act:
CMS Article discussing Inflation Reduction Act Tax Credits:

Creative, Compliant CTA’s for Social Creatives:

"Because of the Expanded American Rescue Plan Premium Tax Credits, Americans can save on average 50% a month on their health insurance costs"
"More Americans this year qualify for the American Rescue Plan Premium Tax Credits than ever before, which helps them save up to 50% on their healthcare costs, see if you qualify!"
"Americans are saving up to $3,510 a year on their health insurance costs thanks to the American Rescue Plan! Check if you qualify today"
You can generate your own creative, compliant CTA’s using the information contained in the articles above.

Creatives for ENG ACA:

Landing page examples:

Creatives for Spanish ACA:

Landing page examples:

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Updated on: 01/09/2023

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