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Offer Availability Ping Integration with Ringba

How to integrate Ringba and Marketcall for Ping-Post/RTB/Ring tree set up:
Please check with your personal manager that the offer you plan to integrate with supports RTB set up

Create a Ring Tree Target.

Select settings such as number type, tags, and confirmation request. You can choose the number type as either Number or SIP (Marketcall supports both types) and enter the rented number of your Marketcall campaign.

Revenue Settings:

Don't forget to set up Webhooks from Ringba
In the request settings, enter the following information:

URL - , where {OFFER_ID} is the offer ID in Marketcall.

Body - {
"campaign_id": "301108",
"caller_id": "[Call:InboundPhoneNumber]"

campaign_id - is the campaign ID in Marketcall, replace 301108 with your campaign id

Http headers:
Key: x-api-key
Value: here.

Dynamic Bid Parsing and Call Acceptance Parsing
Dynamic Bid Parsing. Add parsing step Javascript.

Call Acceptance Parsing. Add parsing step Javascript.

Create Ring Tree and add new Ring Tree Target to that
Add new Ring Tree to your routing flow

Updated on: 18/06/2024

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