Each Program is characterized by a number of parameters:

Offer is an advertising offer the Affiliate is working with;
Status is the current status of the Program/Offer;
Phone number is a phone number rented by the Affiliate;
Earnings are the amount of money earned by the Affiliate;
Costs are the amount of money spent on attracting calls;
Profit is earnings minus costs;
ROI (in %) is a parameter used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment;
Actions are additional features available to you.

Here are the Actions available to you:

View - You can view detailed information on your Program, rates, etc.

Statistics – You can view statistics on calls and visualize them in different charts.

Tool – You can view, get a link to, or download promotional materials, also generate code of Call Back Widget.
Deactivate Program – You can end the collaboration with the Offer.
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