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Debt Settlement case study 2023

What are debt settlement/debt relief and how how to work with these campaigns?

Debt settlement companies are businesses that claim to have the ability to renegotiate, settle, or modify the conditions of an individual's debt with a creditor or debt collector.

American households currently hold a total debt of US$13.2 trillion, encompassing US$829 billion in credit card debt and US$9 trillion in mortgage debt. Additionally, there is a significant student loan debt of US$1.2 trillion. Consequently, there is a clear market demand for companies that provide debt settlement and debt consolidation services. The advantageous aspect for you is that numerous companies offer generous commissions for referrals.

Why Choose a Debt Settlement Affiliate Program?

Generous Commission Rates: Affiliated with debt settlement companies, the affiliate programs often feature substantial commission rates. As a result, each referral has the potential to generate a noteworthy income for you.

Expansive Market: The debt settlement industry is vast and continuously expanding, offering abundant opportunities to capitalize on affiliate programs. This indicates a promising potential for earning money in this field.

Assisting Individuals: Engaging in debt settlement affiliate programs presents an excellent opportunity to assist individuals who are facing challenges with debt. By referring them to reputable debt settlement companies, you can contribute to their journey towards achieving financial independence.

Approximate payouts:

$20 - $50 for the qualified call
The payout may vary depending on the amount of debt owed by the qualified client.

Approximate Buffer time:

120-130 seconds

Helpful information about the Debt Settlement campaigns:

This niche has both offers for the Spanish and English speaking Americans.

Sources of traffic:

We used to recommend FB source of traffic for Debt Settlement campaigns.
Running a campaign through Google AdWords may require you to have a special license.

Target audience

FB ads: 30-55 years old, men and women, broad search, working hours (for better connection can start on 30 minutes later and finish on 30 minutes earlier).
Individuals or households who are struggling with significant debt and are actively seeking solutions to reduce or eliminate their debt burden. This may include individuals with high credit card balances, medical bills, or other forms of unsecured debt. The campaign may also target individuals who are facing financial hardship or have fallen behind on their payments.

Google Ads: To be certified by Google, debt settlement and debt management services advertisers will need to be registered, licensed, or approved by the relevant regulatory authorities or recognized professional bodies in the country or countries they are targeting.

Debt Settlement creatives guide and requirements:

Must follow next requirements:

Appearance should look professional and dynamic
No spelling mistakes
No numbers
Nothing misleading
If logos are used, they must be changed upon request
NO ""FREE"" (free consultation is okay if used sparingly)

Also NO:

Government affiliation of any kind, including the names of current or past presidents
COVID-19, coronavirus, Emergency Relief and/or CARES Act
Grants or loans of any kind
Celebrity endorsements
Fake company endorsements
Misleading advertising / using other companies’ names and/or creative to advertise
New law(s) or program(s)
Use of the banking institution brands in the copy/images/videos (Wells Fargo, BoA, etc) are not permitted. Those are trademarked brands. Do not use ads that talk about banks allowing customers using special debt relief program to qualify for their debt relief. You can't link bank programs or allowances to our debt relief programs.

Creatives for ENG Debt Settlement:

You can check the full list of creatives in this doc file -

ENG Debt Settlement landing page examples:

Creatives for SPANISH Debt Settlement:

You can check the full list of creatives in this doc file -

Spanish Debt Settlement landing page examples:

Updated on: 01/09/2023

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